Uugh….creative block!

I’m in the middle of a creativity block.

I haven’t posted anything in quite some time. I hope to be posting more frequently in the near future…..but the truth is, I haven’t painted in months. Life’s ups and downs have definitely sabotaged my creativity lately. I have still kept up with existing business but I haven’t really PAINTED in quite some time…..and I feel a little unsure of myself all over again. I mean, I know I’ll get through this like I have many times before, but it still throws me for a loop.

Ironically, I was contacted recently by an art student in Scotland who needed a few questions answered by an artist for one of his classes. One of the questions was ‘how do you deal with creative block?’. Ha! timely indeed.
My answer was: Start doing SOMETHING. Get in the studio and work, but with the intention of just ‘playing’, keep playing with abandon & with no thought to the outcome, something will come out of it that fires you up and leads to something else.

So I am going to take my own advice and get my butt into the studio and start messin’ around!

I’ll post what comes of it

What’s next???

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